watch and clock specialist

Devan Moodley Prestige Watchworks’ owner, watch and clock specialist, began tampering with time pieces at 12 years old whilst assisting his dad, Charles Moodley, at their Tongaat jewellery store.

Devan Moodley at work
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Devan who was inspired by his father, sacrificed the opportunity of academic tertiary study, for a Swiss ETA qualification in watch and clock repair, so that he could pursue his passion for mastering these mechanisms of time.

For 41 years he has been the face behind servicing, rebuilding and repairing vintage, contemporary and lavish time pieces.  From pocket watches, atmos clocks to town hall clocks,

regular wrist watches and grandfather clocks to the biggest watch brands, Devan has placed his golden touch on most of them.

When asked “Why such a fascination with time?” Devan answered, “Having a patient mindset is a human skill which is hard to groom, but working with clocks and watches presents

 me with a challenge to sharpen this human skill.  Be it a small repair or an extravagant restoration, I give all my time pieces 100% dedication”.